About Us

Tradition Meets Technology

Chelar has been in operation for over 50 years and is an industry leader in producing the highest quality progressive & non progressive metal stamping dies, production metal stampings, specialty precision machining, and Blanchard grinding.  The company was founded on the principles of high quality with superior service which still drive the company to this day.  The company, located in Belleville, Illinois, operates out of a state of the art 50,000 square foot facility with a commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology.  Chelar currently serves in the appliance, HVAC, and electrical industries along with specialty items our customers might require.

Chelar delivers results by getting involved with its customers early in the die design process to guarantee that every aspect of the product meets our customers’ expectations.  Our expert staff is quality driven to ensure that each piece is made to the highest quality standard before it leaves the facility.

Chelar is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Chelar Tool & Die was founded on the principles of providing the highest quality tools with superior customer service in 1962 by Charles Flynt, Elmer Katt, and Art Engel.  Based on these principles demand for Chelar’s products grew quickly into the mid 1970’s.  By 1974 both Charlie and Art passed leaving Elmer Katt as the company’s sole owner.  Demand for Chelar’s high quality progressive tools continued to grow leading to a 10,000 square foot press room expansion in 1992 to increase capacity.  This expansion allowed Chelar to take on larger projects to the point that in 1997 another 3,500 square foot addition to the main shop to increase manufacturing space.  Also that year Elmer Katt passed away leaving his son, Malcolm Katt, as the company’s president. 

Although under new leadership, Chelar stayed true to its roots of high quality and superior service.  Malcolm embraced those roots, and also had a vision of having Chelar always be on the cutting edge of technology.  This vision of increased technological manufacturing coupled with delivering the same Chelar quality of the past lead to shorter build times giving Chelar a unique blend of speed and quality to set it apart from the rest of the field.  Orders continued to increase and in 2004, Chelar once again found it was becoming crowded in its design office, manufacturing, and storage space.  In Chelar’s largest expansion to date, 16,000 square feet were added, 3,000 square feet of design space, 8,500 for manufacturing, and 4,500 for a new warehouse.

Since that expansion, Chelar has continued to add machinery and skilled workers.  In late 2012, Malcolm passed leaving his two sons Bryan and Jared Katt to continue the legacy of creating the highest quality tools with superior service Chelar began with over 50 years ago.


Chelar was founded on the idea of quality in every area of business.  Quality not only describes the work Chelar produces, but also describes the way we go about our work creating a Chelar culture.  Each employee is dedicated to constantly improving Chelar’s quality standard to the point where it becomes a way of life. 

Chelar’s rigorous quality control system ensures that each detail we produce meets the customer’s needs as well as the quality ideal the company was founded upon.