Technology & Tradition

Chelar Tool & Die has more than 50 years of design and manufacturing expertise enabling us to produce high quality progressive, robot, and hand transfer tooling as well as turnkey processes requiring custom built machines to meet the demands of the fast paced 21st century manufacturing industry. 

In addition to producing tooling for post steel components, Chelar’s expert staff is able to produce tooling for highly visible pre-painted and stainless steel parts when the look must be perfect.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

In response to growing demand for our high quality dies and precision machined products Chelar has installed a new Okuma MCR-A5C five sided milling machine.  This machine has travels of 104” x 204”, can handle loads of 60,000 pounds, has glass scales on all axis’, and has a 90° head attachment with 5° movement. 

To see more information on the new mill and other machinery check out our Equipment List


Production Stamping

Chelar Tool & Die also has the ability to take on short and long run production stampings.  Chelar’s commitment to high quality, on time delivery, and superior customer service will ensure that our customers receive their parts no matter how tight the deadline.  Chelar's stamping department is supported by our 45 person tool shop and 10 person engineering staff to ensure parts are delivered on time and the tool is kept in perfect working order.

Precision Machining

Chelar Tool & Die’s precision machining department maintains state of the art equipment and an expert staff to produce high quality machined parts on the timetable our customers require. 

Expert employees are able to machine large complex parts up to 60,000 lbs and 300 inches long in our largest machine with travels of 104” x 204”.

There is no substitute for


Chelar has been committed to delivering the highest quality products for over 50 years. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Cutting Edge


Our state of the art equipment & dedicated employees ensure our products exceed expectations.

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