Chelar Advantages

We keep our shop on the cutting edge of technology with state of the art equipment and highly skilled employees to maximize the performance of that equipment to get the job done right.

Case Study - Appliance Industry  

The need...

One of our best customers needed to produce a complicated appliance part. At the time, they were acquiring this part from an outside vendor who was charging an enormous amount per part and producing it using transfer tooling. The Chelar team was asked to devise a better method and produce the part in a progressive die that could be run at their facility.  

The solution...

After reviewing the part, our expert staff determined that the part could be produced using unique carrier strip method that had been used successfully in the past. Chelar’s Design and Engineering Team created a stock strip and presented the idea and die cost to our customer.  The cost of the outsourced part against the part produced by our die were compared; the results showed that our customer could save enough money to pay for the new die in less than 6 months, a timeline unheard of in this trade.

The result...

Our team built the die and the customer has used it for several years. The unique carrier strip method worked so well for our customer that they asked us to design and build another large progressive die to produce a similar part. The lead engineer in charge of tooling (at that plant) was so impressed by the die that he recommended Chelar Tool & Die to colleagues at other facilities. In the past year, as a result of their positive experience, this same customer has referred several other clients to Chelar. 



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